I am a hypnosis practitioner with a background in nursing, muscle testing, and spiritual outlooks, bringing a holistic approach to your session.  In a structured 2hr session we will focus on important issues, goals, body distress / pain / unresolving health issues  and inner remapping. This would be a 20 minute interview, 40 minutes of muscle testing ( at this time I muscle test with a dowsing tool) and emotional clearing, and 50 minutes of post hypnotic suggestion.  (Reinforcement of new ways of being).               

I am currently enrolled in The Emotion Code Certification Program. If you are interested in being a case study the session would be $25.

Trapped Emotion Detection and Clearing With Post Hypnotic Suggestion

2hr  $65



Past Life Regressions     2 .5 hr    $75 




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#MA00010496     #HP60489792   * Registered Nurse Retired, Certified Hypnotherapist , Licensed Massage Practitioner