Past Life Regressions, Higher Self Contact for Accessing Advice and Healing, Spirit Attachment Removal

I am a hypnosis practitioner with a background in metaphysics and nursing bringing a holistic approach to your session.  Along with offering traditional hypnotic modalities I am open to the idea of tapping into  your spiritual self  for deeper understandings.                            

Experience Deep Trance Hypnosis                                  3 hr Session

Higher Self Communication

Life Purpose / Body Scan

Spirit Attachment Removal

Soul Retrieval

Time Line Healing


Now Offering  Hypnosis For Anxiety,  Stress Reduction and Medical Support

I accept HSA / FSA Cards

     360.301.1335    Text ( fastest way to contact me) or Voice   Skype  VISA

Next Session Opening:                                                  Saturday,  November 17th  11:30 am



As a Certified Past Life Specialist, I can offer you a guided experience with the deep potential for change. Hypnosis is a powerful tool for creating desired transformation. Often our questions about life or answers to problems are found in exploring the past.  Incidents forgotten in this life could be the cause of a phobia or unhealthy habit, even an unexplained illness or mysterious pain. Occasionally even ancestral patterns need clearing. I am trained in a variety of techniques to personalize your session.   Higher Self Communication and Spirit Attachment Removal are becoming more pronounced in my sessions as my practices evolves.

  To set up an appointment, click on Contact Me. I will call you back to confirm the details of your appointment, and also answer any questions you might have. Be sure and read how to prepare for your session and parking tips. It is helpful if you have a familiarity or an interest in metaphysics, angels, spirit guides, chakras, and meditation.

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