What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is the Trademark name of an energetic healing modality developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson a chiropracter who found an easy way to reveal and clear trapped emotions. He has a book titled "The Emotion Code" on Amazon and many YouTube videos explaining this amazing technique.

I am a Certified Emotion Code Practitioner, a Certified Hypnotist, an RN (RT), and a LMP.

I have had a lifetime interest in alternative medicine and have used Flower Essences, Homeopathy, Chinese Traditional Medicine, and Energy Healing .

I have a background in art and my paintings are adding some color to this text. More info about them later..

MY priority here is to help you unload those trapped emotions that are sabotaging your health and relationships. I use The Emotion Code's muscle testing technique to quickly find the most important emotion your body wants to clear today.

I begin my sessions in the evening doing a long distance energy check, usually starting at 9pm. I text or talk with you first going over your issues. You may go to bed during the session. The session can last an hour or longer. I text you at the end with a few comments. You might notice energy shifts and changes and I have you rate your issue from 1-10 before starting so we can analyze results. I really need clear feedback at this point to help me move forward and to prepare for the next day's session.

My session rate is $55 for two evening sessions. The second one is a follow up. Sometimes the original issue moves, or a new one immediately comes forward,so I address that here. I want you to have an good result that is measurable by at least three numbers.





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