Preparing For A Session..Very Important!

Preparation is key for getting the most out of your session. Here are some easy tips and a little homework!                        

Practice relaxing and meditating. Go to YouTube and watch a self hypnosis video ( suggestions under Reference section) for relaxation and visualization. Do this several times until your body has learned to trust the process and is familiar with a letting go attitude.   


Watch an Alba Weinman- YouTube video, her process and mine  are similar. Go to Practice Hypnosis Sessions Page.

Avoid coffee, coke, Excedrin  (caffeine) and alcohol on session day.    

Have a lovely large carbohydrate lunch, like a tuna melt or chicken rice soup with cheese and crackers. This will help you be grounded and relaxed. This is not the day to be on a diet. You will need brain energy.


Review some of my reading literature such as "Spiritual Clearings" by Diana Burney on Reading References Page


*Precautions!   If you have suddenly quit taking anti-depressants this is not the time for an in depth session.