Services & Rates

Past Life Regression

3 - 4 hours: $130

A Past Life Regression session includes several modalities  such as Higher Self Communication, Spirit Attachment Removal,  Soul Retrieval and more. For a Skype session you will need headphones and a recliner type chair or a bed. The in office sessions are on Saturday and Sunday at 1pm.  Always have lunch and refrain from caffeine . Bring 5 to 10 questions you would like addressed by your Higher Self.   Time passes quickly in a session, and we cover a lot of issues. To make every second count be sure to bring in the paper work questions I have on this site and Google the location :          103 West Holly , Suite 533. Parking is free downtown on weekends. You may download a Smart Recorder app on your phone and record the session.


Higher Self Communication

After a deep induction, clients can access their wise Higher Self to do etheric body scans for healing and spirit attachment removal. This can include implants, thoughtforms, earthbound spirits and negative entities. It is helpful if you are comfortable with metaphysical concepts such as chakras, Angels, spirit guides, etc. 

Spirit Attachment Removal

Similar to Higher Self contact, together we  scan your etheric body for intrusions.  These can be earthbound spirits, implants, constructs, thoughtforms, fragments.  Using my team of spirit helpers we work with the client's intention to remove interference. We work on repairing the aura and reinforcing healing outcomes.

Deep Hypnosis For Everyday Goals

3 hr: $130

Because of my unique deep inductions, hypnosis for daily concerns can be very effective. This is useful for insomnia, anxiety, stress management , and medical support.