The Emotion Code Sessions

The Emotion Code is an energetic modality, where I  uses my form of muscle testing to quickly determine the emotion that is the most important for your body to clear at this time. It can be an emotional issue or a physical one such as a chronic knee pain. Often there can be an emotional issue underlying a physical symptom.

You will love the stay at home ease of my sessions. I work long distance, starting in the evening. You may lay down or just relax. You may notice energy movement. Before the session starts I have you rate your issue on a scale of 1-10, and again afterwards, likely the next day or in a few days . The session last about one hour but can be much longer.

I will do two sessions. the follow up session will be determined by your body's response. It could be the next day or the next week when it is ready to resume.  This is a fascinating process and I am working for you to see an improvement in your symptoms of at least three numbers.

The rate for the two combined sessions is $55.00.  I use a Square and take VISA.


The Emotion Code works great for pets and animals too! Long distance no problem!